APPGP visited Poland to foster the British-Polish ties

A delegation from the UK Parliament visited Warsaw during the summer recess (21-24 July). The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Poland organised the trip.

MPs had the opportunity to strengthen their relations with Polish policymakers during the visit, for example, by visiting the Polish Parliament or learning how Poland and Britain are actively assisting Ukrainian refugees through conversations with the British Ambassador to Poland and the Royal Dragoon Guards.

Due to the difficult situation in Europe, particularly in Ukraine, the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Poland (APPGP) organised a delegation of UK Parliamentarians to visit Poland and learn about the perspectives of Polish parliamentarians and other officials, as well as how the country has been affected by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. During their trip, the MPs met with Ukrainian refugees, aid organisations, British soldiers stationed in Poland, and other key interlocutors.

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All-Party Parliamentary Group on Poland AGM

On 7th June 2022, the APPG on Poland hosted its Annual General Meeting. The meeting was organised to foster a good relationship between Poland and the UK and promote the Polish community’s contribution to the UK and bilateral trade. The Ambassador of Poland to the United Kingdom, HE Piotr Wilczek, addressed the guests with a speech on British-Polish cooperation and the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The Annual General Meeting was opened by Daniel Kawczynski MP, who, throughout the meeting, highlighted the importance of strengthening British-Polish relations, especially in the context of Brexit. The commencement was followed by an officers’ election of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Poland, during which new potential members had a chance to register.

A trip to Poland has been announced, which will take place at the beginning of the Summer Recess (21-24th July). During the APPG delegation to Poland, UK Parliamentarians will have the chance to meet Polish Parliamentarians and governmental officials in order to understand the Polish perspective on the Ukrainian crisis.

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APPGP meets Polish delegation

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Poland hosted a meeting with the members of the group’s counterpart in Poland – The All-Party Friendship Group with the United Kingdom. The Polish delegation was led by Beata Mazurek MP, spokesperson of the Law and Justice Party, and Sussex-educated Konrad Glebocki MP. The group was invited by the Inter-Parliamentary Union and had an opportunity to discuss Britain’s post-Brexit relationship with Europe, the situation of Polish nationals living in the UK, the problems facing the European Union and Poland’s current state of affairs.


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Future of British-Polish relations

In 2016 the Migration Observatory at Oxford University reported that Poles constituted the largest foreign-born population within the United Kingdom, with over 800 000 Polish-born residents living in our country, interacting on a daily basis with local culture, politics and society. In light of this, there has never been a more interesting or more important time to understand, and work in conjunction with a nation, whose people have so frequently, and so successfully chosen to embrace British values and make our country their home. History teaches us that embracing opportunities for Anglo-Polish cooperation can lead to the kind of inspiration which fuelled debates on the 19th-century Great Reform Act, and the kind of courage, which led to victory in the Second World War. However, while embracing the past, we must also look to the future.

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